playhouse deck cards

Architectural details borrowed from the anthropometric designs in Neufert’s book, replace the card numbers. Every suit corresponds to one of the “typical” spaces in a residence. The kitchen, bathroom, living-room and bedroom are laid down on your deck while the Ace of Spades (the death card) implies a murder that took place in the imaginary […]

inside out

(Euramax Competition) In the project “Inside out” the wall of Euramax factory is transformed in such way that it doesn’t conceals anymore. Instead, what was known as exterior is turned into the interior of an eccentric house that is exposed to the outside and where animals and plants coexist with humans. The scale of the […]


The furcula (“little fork” in Latin) or wishbone is a forked bone found in birds that works as a strut between the bird’s shoulders and acts like a spring in the pectoral girdle during flight. In Yades, a chair borrows the bird’s bone structure to hold the body in a “flying position”. The wishbone becomes […]